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Industrial Uses

The following list of uses are permitted provided:

  • Maximum noise levels shall not exceed the standards of WAC 173-60, as amended.
  • Air emissions must comply with the Clean Air Act RCW 70.94.
  • Activities producing heat or glare shall be conducted within buildings.

Research facilities
Retail trade serving industrial uses
Wholesale trade
Bus and Truck Terminal
Agricultural and Forestry products processing facility
Agricultural and Forestry related industry
Agricultural and Forestry uses
Agricultural and Forestry accessory buildings and support services
Day care center/preschool/childcare
Flex/Tech office buildings
Humanitarian Services

On-site and off-site treatment and storage facilities
Mineral Resource Activity
Fuel/chemical distribution and bulk storage
Temporary and permanent worker housing
Communication Tower
Nursery/Landscape materials
Public utilities- low impact
Public utilities- high impact
Contractor’s storage yards
Movement of a building or a structure on to a lot

Prohibited Uses:

  • Vibration discernible at the property line without the use of measuring instruments.
  • The emissions of odorous gases or matter beyond the property of the industrial activity.